Q: Are you really a socialist?
A: If I was, would I be charging these kinds of prices?

Q: Is the ice cream all organic?
A: All the cream, milk, and eggs are organic.  We try to use organic ingredients whenever possible, but not every ingredient is available in organic form.  For example, if we can get organic Fruity Pebbles, we’ll be sure to do so!

Q: How do you deal with nut and other food allergies?
A: We are careful to separate and sanitize materials for potential allergens during preparation.  At events, we separate the flavors with more common allergens from the other flavors.  We also list ingredients at every event and list common allergens boldly.

If you have an allergen you want us to be aware of, please inform us and we’ll create an ice cream experience around that.  Our Event Socialists are also aware of all ingredients, so feel free to ask them if you have any concerns.

Q: Does your ice cream have eggs?
A: Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Depends on the flavor.  Fruit flavors generally don’t.  If eggs are a concern, please let us know.  We can make all flavors without eggs.

Q: Are the dog and cats really making the ice cream?
A: Of course not.  They work behind the scenes brainstorming flavor ideas at home.

Q: Is your ice cream precooked?
A: Similar to the answer for eggs, sometimes.  Flavors like chocolate and caramel are better when cooked regardless of being cooked with or without eggs.  Fruits not so much, but occasionally.

Q: Can you make non-dairy ice cream?
A: Absolutely.  We have several approaches for non-dairy.  Please keep in mind that not all flavors translate well to non-dairy flavors.

Q: Do you use fresh fruits?
A: Whenever possible we do.  We peruse farmers’ markets for the best fruits.  If a flavor is out of season, then we might use frozen fruit, but we’ll always let you know.

Q: Can you serve alcohol as part of the ice cream social?
A: We do not have a liquor license and don’t plan on getting one, so we cannot.  But you are welcome to serve and consume alcoholic beverages as much as you’d like.  We can make ice cream to go with alcoholic beverages and we also have some flavors that are flavored with cooked alcoholic beverages (such as Bourbon Butter Pecan and Margarita).

Q: How do you create your flavors?
A: We come up with an overall idea and do some experimenting to get it right.  Usually it takes a few tries. Sometimes we hit it right away.  Some things obviously go together like chocolate and almost anything.  Some flavor combinations are more challenging and take a variety of approaches to get right.

Q: Can I just buy some ice cream?
A: We generally don’t sell our ice cream on a batch-by-batch basis as we’re all about the experience.  The only exception is for caterers.  For a limited time, during the pandemic, we are occasionally selling select flavors at The Village Farmstand in Evanston.

Q: I politically can’t hire a socialist.  Can you tone down the socialist jokes for our event?
A: If you have a problem with hiring an Ice Cream Socialist, we can do an event without the logo and branding.  You can also write a check to The Ice Cream Socialite (the bank won’t notice).  You’ll get all the flavor and all of the experience, you’ll just be missing out on some of the humor.

Ice Cream
scoop of silky smooth chocolate ice cream
closeup shot of vanilla ice cream scoop
organic and natural avocado ice cream, without preservatives, with tropical fruits from brazil in the background, served in handmade clay bowl, gourmet ice cream
Close-up of delicious chocolate ice cream; background
Ice cream chocolate scoop  isolated on white background