Our Story


Alex started making ice cream for his family’s own parties, which included an annual birthday party for the family dog.  Soon, this turned into the annual ice cream party that he and his wife would throw in their dining room.  Their ice cream was branded “Shmobro’s” after their dog and two cats (Sh=Shadow, Mo=Smokey, Bro=Bro-Bro).  Alex tried doing an ice cream social experiment in his office and it was a huge hit.  The name then changed to “The Ice Cream Socialist” to reflect exactly what we do… and get topical at the same time.

A steel ice cream scoop filled with chocolate and vanilla isolated on white
Scoops of ice cream, isolated on white background
closeup shot of vanilla ice cream scoop
organic and natural avocado ice cream, without preservatives, with tropical fruits from brazil in the background, served in handmade clay bowl, gourmet ice cream
three balls of ice cream with walnuts chocolate rolls raisins and caramel topping in glass bowl isolated on white
Background of three balls of ice cream in cups. Three servings of ice cream. Fresh ice cream for dessert. Mint and chocolate. View from above. copyspace