Chill at Home with an Ice Cream Social!

Are you an aristocrat?  Do you use summer as a verb?  Want to show off to your blueblood friends?    Then hire The Ice Cream Socialist for an ice cream social experience in your fancy home (once it’s safe to do so of course!).  We’ll show up with decorations, homemade toppings, and custom-made ice cream like you’ve never had before!  You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood when you hire the Ice Cream Socialist for your home ice cream experience!

Does your kid love ice cream?  Does any kid not love ice cream?  For a limited time, The Ice Cream Socialist is offering a smaller package tailored to pandemic birthday parties for just a single family unit.  This would include three flavors, toppings, and ice cream cups and spoons.  We drop these off contact-free at your door in containers that are yours to keep.  You can indeed have a socially distant ice cream social!

Photo of the young woman with ice cream
Viriety of ice cream ball with fruits on a plate
happy children group with ice cream in studio isolated
Bully gets her ice cream treat at Dog Beach.
Berry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream scoops. Top view flat lay